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Open Ground Flax

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Taupo Native Plant Nursery


Today we are nationally recognised growers of New Zealand native plants that will survive when planted on the open, harsh and exposed sites. The nursery sources, propagates and grows eco-sourced seeds from most regions of New Zealand for significant revegetation projects. These areas include off shore islands and habitats ranging from the mountains to the sea.


We supply quality plants for landscaping, ecological restoration, farming purposes and general gardening requirements at wholesale prices. To complement our extensive range of native plants, we offer a selection of exotic species ranging from ornamental maples and pin oaks through to fast growing shelter belt and firewood trees such as Eucalyptus, Cyperus and Tree Lucerne.


Annually we produce over 3 million plants - dispatching them nationwide.


Plant grades range from seedlings in root trainer packs through to large grade 2m high trees. We also supply a selection of plant growth and protection products ranging from our own specification fertiliser tablets through to our best selling mulch mats and more.


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plant of the week

Uncinia uncinata 'rubra' - Red form -syn 'rubra'

Special Price: $3.95

Number left: 50


monthly special for this week monthly special for this week monthly special for this week monthly special for this week

Sequoia sempervirens

Californian Redwood

Pot 14 older ok grade.

Special Price: $2.95

Number left: 350

Blechnum fluviatile


Pot 13

Special Price: $4.50

Number left: 41

Metrosideros robusta

Northern Rata

PB2 grade

Special Price: $3.25

Number left: 127

Pseudowintera colorata

Peppertree, Horopito


Special Price: $3.00

Number left: 101

monthly special for this week monthly special for this week monthly special for this week monthly special for this week

Sophora microphylla


Special Price: $2.95

Number left: 75

Sophora tetraptera

North Island Kowhai

PB2 good revegetation plant

Special Price: $2.95

Number left: 460

Weinmannia racemosa


Special Price: $2.95

Number left: 220

Sophora chathamica


Special Price: $2.95

Number left: 170

monthly special for this week

Libertia 'Grasshopper' PVR

NZ Iris

Special Price: $3.50

Number left: 130